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: NIH consensus: Acupuncture works. "It's time to take acupuncture seriously."



aloe"I use Acupuncture on Site at my company and I consider it to be the best perk at work. I've been able to get a treatment 3-4 times / month and it has literally cut down my visits to the doctor and my sick days to almost nothing. And my sleep has improved considerably! The practitioners are very knowledgeable, professional, gentle and open to all types of concerns and aches. I really feel very comfortable with them and am able to confide into them a great deal, much more than to my family doctor.
"I found acupuncture to be helpful for anything from stress relief and insomnia to more serious medical conditions. For example, before starting acupuncture, I had been to the ER on an occasion and was eventually diagnosed with a type of bacteria that eats at the stomach lining. The ER doctor prescribed me a series of 2 powerful antibiotics I was supposed to take for 3 weeks. However, I decided to work with acupuncture before starting any medication. After 6 weeks of treatment and supplemental herb and Manuka honey therapy, all conveniently provided by Acupuncture On Site, my body healed itself. The three lab tests I took right after showed no evidence of the bacteria.
"Any company would be lucky to [...] provide this amazing service to their employees."
Lisa K.

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"I personally have had great success with what acupuncture has done for me.  My practitioner has always talked to me about what she is about to do and what it is supposed to do.  With all of her great knowledge she has helped me get my body back into balance and for that I will always be grateful and look forward to my next visit."
E. Carl Hoagland IV
Art Director

"My acupuncturist is an incredibly intuitive practitioner, and helped me immensely throughout our sessions. She is warm and caring and extremely professional and really helped me with some chronic pain issues."
Sara C.