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"I use Acupuncture on Site at my company and I consider it to be the best perk at work. I've been able to get a treatment 3-4 times / month and it has literally cut down my visits to the doctor and my sick days to almost nothing."
Lisa K.


Why Should You Work with Us?

Pain Management
Carpal tunnel
Low back pain
Stress Management
Sleep disorders
Digestive Disorders
Nausea & vomiting
Women's Health
Painful menstruation
Colds & Flus
Symptom relief
Immune support
NIH studies show that acupuncture treats acute and chronic conditions and provides general wellness and preventative care. See a complete list.

You give your employees everything they need to succeed and excel: the latest in computer equipment, the fastest network, the best training. But what are you doing to help them manage the stress and wear and tear that comes with the fast pace of today's leading companies?

We provide a customized onsite health service for your employees that goes beyond a standard visit to the doctors's office. Our acupuncture and wellness offering provides the fine tuning your employees need to maintain peak performance.

What does this mean for your company?

Employees have fewer sick days, more energy at work, more focus, greater creativity, and higher morale.

Bottom line: Employees are happier, more effective and more productive.